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Facebook is the most used social network today, with millions of people using this website to stay connected, every day more is those who join it. If you are one of those curious who wants to see what this application is about, here we will teach you how to create Facebook account.

The main thing to do to create a profile is to access the website of the application Once on the page, you should see the registration form, but if you do not see it you must press on “Register” and fill it. Place your personal information, ie your name, date of birth, sex and you must have an email address or a phone number to complete the registration. The next thing is to click on “Register” and then you will have to confirm your account by means of a message in your email or by a code if you placed the number of a cell phone.

What do I need to have a Facebook account?

In order to create Facebook account, you must exceed 14 years, as this is the minimum age allowed to use the social network. This is to keep children away because the content on Facebook is not for everyone.

You can link your email with your Facebook account so that you can find and add to all those contacts that you have added to Hotmail, Messenger or other mail services and already have your Facebook profile. You can also skip this step and continue with the next one, in which you must complete with your information, your profile information.

Once you have completed the information on your profession or profession to create Facebook account you must place a profile photo, this will be the image that will see all the contacts you have added or those people who wish to add you. Once you have chosen the photo you are going to use, you just have to save it and continue or skip it if you do not want to put a photo, and the procedure will be over.

This way your Facebook account will be ready, you can already communicate with all those friends who are on this popular social network and see the states and photography that they publish.

Precautions before adding a friend to Facebook

Facebook like other social networks allows you to meet new friends, however, you have to be very careful when adding new friends to our list. Keep in mind that in your profile there is personal information that can be used against you when you want to make a bad run, so we recommend that you regulate a number of information people can see on Facebook from you. In the configuration, there is an option called “privacy” this will help you better manage the scope of your publications and regulate access to different people of the content published by you.

Remember that you must protect yourself when you are surfing, we hope this article has been very useful. This is another article that could also serve you How to find love on Facebook.

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