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Social networks have reached an important level in terms of communication between people. The most widely used worldwide is Facebook, that is why every day is more than join this great community that has more than 1600 million users registered on its platform already.

In Facebook, you can share photos and videos with your friend list, chat and even play if you want. No doubt this application provides great entertainment to its users, but if you are not yet part of this huge community, do not worry because here we will teach you what to do to create account.

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Entering through your internet browser you will find the form that must be filled in order to register on the platform. If you can not see the form, by checking the “Register” option you can access it and fill it with your information as requested by the system. In this form you must place your first name and last name until your date of birth, you must be over 14 years old to use Facebook because your policies require it. Remember that all the information that you place must be true because you will not have any problems using this social network.

It is important that the mail you place is real, as you must access it to verify your Facebook account with a message that will be sent to you once the form is completed. In the message you will find an address that you will send to the next registration phase, in this phase, you must add your general information. From your home city to the city where you live, to study or work, are the data that you will have to place in this part of the registration on

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

The last step you have to do to create account is to place a profile photo and cover page, in this way you would add a more personalized touch to your profile of this social network. These will be the images that will be available to all Facebook users, as both can be viewed by anyone who has an account. Try to choose the images that you like most of you for your profile, clicking on the profile photo option you can choose between taking a photo with the webcam or choosing one that you have stored in the memory of your computer. Always place an image of yourself because this way it will be easier for your friends to recognize you when looking for you.

For its part, the cover photo is the image of a much larger size that comes on top of the profile photo. If you have never used a cover photo you can add one in the option that will appear on your profile that says “Add Cover photo”, for this section of your profile you can choose between photos that you have uploaded previously. Then you can change it without any problem doing the same procedure, only to make a change the option will mark it as “Update cover photo”.

Following all the steps that we have taught you here you can create account without any problems. Now that you have an account in the most used social network worldwide, you may be interested in this article also How to be popular on Facebook.

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