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Social networks allow communication between people to be much more effective, the interaction between users allows them to stay in touch. The most used among all networks is Facebook, in addition to being able to maintain communication with your friend’s list, you can share photos and videos, use applications and play with your friend’s different games that provide the Facebook platform to its users. If you still do not enjoy the entertainment provided by this social network, do not worry because in this opportunity we will teach you how to create a new Facebook account.

Thanks to the success of Facebook, you can now register from any mobile device, so it is no longer necessary to have a computer to use this social network. In the background, the procedure is the same, either from your computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Remember that to register on Facebook you must be over 14 years, this is the minimum age allowed to use the services of this company. Due to a large number of active users, there is content that can affect the sensitivity of children, so the use of Facebook has limitations as to the age of the public they admit.

Registration from a computer

To create a profile from your computer, the first is to access from your default browser to and complete the registration form that you will find there. You must place a real email to which you have access because to verify your account, you must open your mail. You will need to enter your first and last name, gender, date of birth and a complex password but it is easy to remember for you. Once you have filled out the form, you must confirm your registration with a code that will send to your email by means of a message. When you enter the registration code, you will have finished the procedure to be a new Facebook user.

The next thing you need to do is customize your new profile, for this add your profile picture and your cover photo, as well as the general information. From the page of your profile on Facebook, you can add both images that will be in view of all users, because this way your friends can recognize you and send you a friend request. Add your tastes and interests so that your contacts see what you are passionate about and what you like to do.

Register from a mobile device

With the uncontrolled growth of Facebook and the incredible rise of mobile devices, it is not surprising that the social network has its application in the electronic catalog of major operating systems. From your mobile you can create a new Facebook account, you just have to download the application on your computer. Once the App is installed, enter it and press “Register to Facebook”, as you will see the form is similar to that found on You can use your phone number to register, this way the verification code will reach you by text message.

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