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If there is a social network that reigns over others, that is without a doubt Facebook. This network has created a space where you can share with your friends, chat with them, publish photos and videos, use applications. As you can see the interaction with Facebook is unbeatable, it is not for less that has approximately 1700 million registered users already. More and more people are joining this social network, this time we will teach you how to make a Facebook account new.

You can create an account from your computer or from your mobile device, be it a tablet or a smartphone. Go to your browser and in the browser enter the web address www.facebook.com, it will send you to the home page where you will get a form to register in the system. To have a new Facebook account, you must be over 14 years old, it is the minimum age that the company allows being a member of this large community that already has millions of users. This measure is to prevent children from seeing a certain type of content that is published on the social network, which can affect their mentality in a negative way. It is a method of protection for children.

Enter actual data in the form

In the right part, you will find the form in which you must place your data. Your first and last name, email or phone number, date of birth, gender and password. Then press “Open an account” and to finish your registration you will need to confirm your account using your email or phone number. Look in your inbox for a code that will send you, that you must enter it and you will have finished with your registration. The code can be received by text message directly to your mobile if the registration you did with your phone number.

Once you’ve verified your account, you’re done with your account registration. The following will customize your profile, add cover photo and profile, complete your general information, add your tastes and experiences. For this, you must access the page and there you will find the different options to complete all the information on your new Facebook account. Your profile picture can be viewed by all social network users, just like your cover photo. Unlike your general information, these images can not be private, it is a way your friends can recognize your profile.

Facebook helps communicate with people

Facebook allows you to communicate with many people, expand your list of friends, meet new people. Creating a Facebook account new you can enjoy all the entertainment that offers its users the social network, join this great community and stay in touch and share with the people who are part of your life.

In addition, Facebook allows you to link your account to other social networks, such as Instagram. By linking your profiles of both social networks, the images you place on Instagram will appear on Facebook and your friends will find you on Facebook. If this article has taught you, you can learn how to be popular on Facebook.

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