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Facebook has a fairly simple platform to use, however many users may have some inconvenience with their account of this social network. One of the problems that any user can have on Facebook is with the login, many of the new followers may not know how to log into your account. Thinking about them we have taken the task of creating this article in which we explain how login to Facebook.

The first thing to do for login to Facebook is to go to the website, in the search bar of your default browser, go to www.Facebook.com or www.fb.com and you will automatically access the social network website. On the page, the cover is in the upper right, the fields that you must fill in with your account and password in order to log in.

Login Facebook precautions

Be careful when entering your password because the keyboard is case sensitive, this as an option to improve the security of your password. If you put all your data correctly you would not have any problems with Facebook login, if you make a mistake in any of the letters or numbers that make up your password, the system will send you an alert explaining that an error has occurred.

If you forgot any of the data, accessing the option that says “forgot your account” you can recover your account quickly. Using your email you can change the password and log in to Facebook quickly if you do not have access to your email you can use your cell phone, your full name or username. Clearly, all this data must be related to your account because otherwise, that option will not serve any purpose, because Facebook will not have any way to verify that the account you are trying to access belongs to you.

Tips for using Facebook better

Facebook like other social networks must be used with a lot of responsibility, you have to be very careful about the content you share and public. It tries that everything that is published from your profile, are messages that can not affect you in a negative way in the future. In configuration and even in the section to publish you can select who see everything that is published from your profile. What is recommended to make your profile much safer is to configure that it is only your friends who see your publications, photos, and video.

Similarly, it configures who can see your general information acceding to the configuration panel, so that it is visible only for your friends. Even this can be seen only by you if you want since in this section leaves the mail that is linked to your account. Keep your account safe and avoid problems at the moment you log in to Facebook, as attempts to hack your account or broadcast your images without your permission.

Follow these simple tips that we have given you and you can log in to Facebook without any problem, if this article was useful for you, we invite you to read this interesting article Hack Facebook account.

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