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Facebook has managed to position itself as the number one social network, it has become a place where the interaction between friends does not stop. It can be shared from photos and videos to messages and games, in addition to the applications that can be used from the platform of the App. More and more are joining this large community of more than 1700 million users, so In this article, we will explain what you must do to have a new Facebook account.

The Facebook registration can be done from a computer or a mobile computer, such as a Smartphone or a Tablet. In the browser of your browser place and you will access the home page of the social network, in it you will see a form that you must fill in to create a new Facebook account. You must have at least 14 to be part of this social network that has millions of users already registered. This is a way to protect the children’s sensitivity to the content that can be shared by users in their profiles, being a huge community may have visual material that hugs the sensitivity of the little ones.

Fill out the form with real information

To register on Facebook you must fill out the form with your first and last name, email account, sex, date of birth and password. When you have all the information requested by the system, press “Open an account”. To complete the registration, you must access your email and copy a code that will send you a message, if the registration does from your mobile you can place your phone number instead of your email and the code will reach you directly to your mobile By a text message.

Make your password as safe as possible, add a key long enough but easy to remember for you. You can combine letters and numbers to add complexity, as well as matching uppercase and lowercase in your key makes the security level much higher. Anyway, if your password is very simple, the Facebook system alerts you to establish a key with a good level of security. There are even those who put a whole sentence as a key, clearly, these words should be easy to remember by the user, you can add a number to the phrase for safety.

Customizing the new Facebook account

Once you have created your new Facebook account, the following is to customize your profile. For this, you must complete the general information, where you study or work, the city where you currently live, the city of birth, among other data of you. You must add your profile photo and cover page, these can be seen by everyone on Facebook so your friends recognize your account among all users.

To add both images you must go to the page of your account and place the cursor on any of the two images, you will see the options to replace your profile and cover photo. If this article has taught you, you can learn how to grow my business on Facebook.

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