Sign up to Facebook from your computer

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Facebook allows you to keep in touch with your friends in a much faster way. You can see what your friends do, share photos, videos and updates with them, you can also play and use other applications from your platform. If you do not yet have a profile on Facebook, in this article we will answer your question how do you sign up to Facebook from your computer?

Open the default browser on your computer and go to, on the homepage you will find a form that will allow you to register on the social network. The registration form is on the “Open an account, It’s free and always will be” message, in which you must enter the information that you are asked for.

Once the form is located, enter the information related to your name, cell phone number or email, password to use and date of birth as well as your gender. Click on register to create your Facebook profile, if you do not see the form, access it to complete it by clicking on register.

Make sure you enter a secure password, try to have them be at least six characters long. Combine numbers and letters at random to create a password with a high level of security, if the system sends a message that your password is not secure enough, adds capital letters, lowercase letters, and punctuation marks. You can make your password much safer by making it longer using a phrase, or several words that are easy to remember for you, but that no one knows. Try to make this key different from the one you use for other accounts, such as your email or other social networks.

To end with the creation of your account, you must confirm your profile through a code that will send you to your email or your mobile phone. You must be over 13 years old to be able to create a Facebook account, that is the minimum age established in the company’s policies.

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

The next step to sign up to Facebook from your computer is to customize your profile, for this fill in the general information; Where you study or work, the city where you live now and tastes and interests. In addition, you must add a profile photo and a cover photo, both images will be available to all Facebook users, because thanks to them, your friends can recognize you when they look for you in this social network.

To place both images you must be on the page of your account, with the cursor click on your profile photo and give you the option to change the image, you can choose between making a new photo with your webcam or selecting one from the Memory of your computer.

For the cover photo, you must click on the large photo above your profile photo. If you do not already have one, you will be given the option “add cover photo” otherwise you should click on “update posted photo”. You can use a photo that you uploaded before.

Facebook helps to communicate with your friends

After sign up to Facebook from your computer, you can enjoy the advantages of this social network for you. You can play and chat with your friends, share photos and videos and use applications within the same platform. If this article served you, we invite you to read how to be popular on Facebook.

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