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Social networks in recent times have had an incredible rise, more and more are joining the different platforms. Facebook is the main one today, it has more than 1600 million registered users. If you already have an account in this wonderful social network, here we will show you what you must do to sign in to Facebook.

The first thing is to enter the page of Facebook, for this from your browser places in the search engine or On the home page, you will find the form that will allow you to access your account, you just have to register your account and password and you have accessed Facebook without any problem. The password is case sensitive so you should make sure that you are placing your password correctly or you will not be able to sign in to Facebook.

How to join Facebook?

You can sign in using your email or your username, link your account with your phone number and you can also use it to sign in to Facebook. As you can see log in quite easy and you can use several ways to access your profile, Facebook has sought to make login as easy as possible for its users. Thanks to the facilities provided by this social network, more and more people are registered to it.

If you have forgotten your data, on the same homepage you can request a password change or username, just click on the option that says “Forgot your account?” You will access a page where you can change the password you have forgotten with your e-mail, by placing the e-mail you will be sent a message with a link with which you can make the password change. If what you have forgotten is the email, with your username or with your full name you can recover your account. If you have linked your phone number to your account, you can use this method to retrieve your Facebook profile, you will receive by text message the code to recover your account.

Tips for using Facebook better

Facebook, like other social networks, should be made responsible use. When interacting with people around the world, what you share could be seen by many people so you should be very careful about what you post on your profile. The privacy of your account you can configure it so that your friends are the only ones who see the information that you share in your profile.

The general information that appears in your profile, you can configure it so that it is only seen by your friends or even that is only seen by you if you want it. All you have to do is sign in to Facebook and go to the configuration option and click on privacy. Manage better those who can see your information and in this way make your Facebook profile more secure. If this article has been useful, we invite you to read How to grow my business on Facebook.

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