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The most used social network, Facebook provides endless tools for the entertainment of its users. Currently, the application has more than 1.6 billion people registered on its platform, while thanks to its versatility and easy registration process, every day are adding a person to your list. Once the Facebook account has been created, you must log in to start enjoying the wonders of this social network, if you do not know how to do it, do not worry because in this article you will learn to sign in with Facebook.

The first thing to do is to access the Facebook page, in the browser of your computer place and press the “enter” key. When you have uploaded the website, to the right at the top you will see the form for sign in with Facebook. You must enter the email you used when creating the account and the password you assigned to that account, remember that the password is case sensitive. Check that Caps Lock is disabled or your account will not be recognized and you will not be able to join the social network.

If you do not remember some of your data, do not be alarmed as it is not very difficult to recover your account. If you have forgotten your password, under the form to log in to Facebook you will find the option to recover your password. By clicking on the button that says “Forgot your account?” You will be taken to the page that will help you to reset the data that you have forgotten Facebook account. To recover your account, you will need to have access to the email you used when you registered on Facebook to receive the code that will verify that the account is your property.

While if you have forgotten your account email, you can use your username, your mobile number (must be linked to your Facebook account) or your full name. Once you have recovered your account, to enter the system you must go to the home page and fill in the fields that are in the upper right with the data that you are asked for and ready, you will be logged in.

Tips for using Facebook better

Once you have to sign in with Facebook, access the settings and review your privacy. This point is important to have a better experience in the social network, the more precaution you have with the material you share in your profile, you will make your account much safer. From the configuration section you can choose to be only your friends who see the content you publish, this is the best option to avoid that people outside your list of friends can do with some of your publications.

Be wary of the information you post, like the content, Facebook also allows you to choose those people who can see your general information. Information such as your age, city, and date of birth may be hidden to prevent others from seeing such information.

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