Sign up to Facebook from your phone

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The process to sign up to Facebook from your phone can vary depending on the mobile device you have, as well as the version of the operating system you have on your cell phone. However, in the background, the procedure to register the same.

The first thing to do is to go to the electronic catalog of your Smartphone and look for the mobile application of Facebook, this is so far available for all operating systems so you should have no problem downloading the application. Once you have downloaded it you should look for the Facebook icon on your desktop and open it, press the “Create Facebook account” option. You must accept Facebook policies and give the option to register with your email address.

Then you must enter an email to which you have access and give the option of following, now you must add your data. Put your first and last name, your date of birth and sex, give him accept. Once inside your new account, to finalize the registration process you must press to continue. You must place the code that Facebook sent you by email, the message will be sent to the account with which you created your Facebook profile. Enter the code and press confirm if the code did not reach you, press the “send code again” option and repeat the previous steps. Once you have entered the code, you will have finished the registration process.

Facebook is available on Appstore and Google Play

No wonder Facebook is the most used social network today, its mobile application is compatible with most operating systems with which smartphones work. Android and iOS are the main ones, as Samsung and iPhone are the best selling mobile brands, that’s why you can download the app from Google Play and Appstore depending on the smartphone you have.

However, if you are using an Android device with an old version where you do not get the app in the catalog, you can download the application using an APK file. After installing it, you can sign up to Facebook from your phone, you just have to do the procedure that we mentioned before and ready.

Bring Facebook everywhere with your smartphone

Thanks to the mobile application you can connect to Facebook from anywhere, stay connected with your friends wherever you go. With the downloaded application, you can sign up to Facebook from your phone, do the procedure that we mentioned above and you will have your active account on your smart device so that you enjoy all the advantages that the application of Facebook has.

While the Facebook for the mobile application does not have all the functions of the page, from the app you can share images, videos and status updates. In addition to chat with your friends through Messenger, the application to send and receive messages from your Facebook contacts. We hope you have learned how to sign up to Facebook from your phone if this article has been helpful you can read this also How to be popular on Facebook.

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