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Facebook allows you to communicate with your friends, share videos and photos, and be able to use endless applications and games. If you still do not have an account in this social network, do not worry because in this article we have done we will teach you how to sign up facebook.

The first thing that is needed for signing up facebook is an email, Gmail and Hotmail are the most recommended when it comes to creating an account. If you already have an email account, from your browser go to and once you have loaded, on the home page you will find a form in which you must enter your data to begin the registration process.

You must place your first and last name, email and the date of birth in the places that you ask. The form is on the homepage and is the ad that says “Open an account, it’s free and always will be.” All the information you provide to Facebook must be real so that your account works without any problems. Once you have placed all the data that the system asks for, click on the button that says “Open an account”.

How to confirm your newly created Facebook account

Go to the email inbox and you will find a message with a link that will make your profile verified, which is why it is important to you that you use a real email that you have access to because otherwise, you will not be able to use Facebook. When you have verified your profile, you must place your general information, ie you must enter data about you. From your tastes to the city where you were born or where you currently live, you can even tell where you study or work.

Once you have placed all the general information, the following will customize the profile. Add a profile photo so that all your friends can recognize your account when searching for you, you can choose to make a new photo using your webcam or select one from the memory of your computer. You should also add a cover photo by clicking on the “Add cover photo” option. Both photographs are public, meaning that any user can see it without any problem, just as you can both change them as many times as you want. To replace any of these images you only have access to your profile and there you will find the options that allow you to change the photos.

Precautions before adding a friend to Facebook

At the moment of sign up facebook with your email, the social network will give you a list of friends that are added in your email and have profiles on Facebook. This way you will not have to search each of your friends, to add to who you do not have in your mailing list, from the search engine you can add them by placing the name and looking for your profile. While Facebook helps make new friends, it is best to avoid adding or accepting invitations from people with whom you do not have any friends in common.

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