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The social network Facebook has become one of the channels most used by humans to communicate, this thanks to the different ways of interacting that they provide to their users. Whether through images or videos, through applications or through the sending and receiving of messages through Messenger.

Every day the Facebook platform adds thousands of new users, it’s simple registration process that is completely free and does not take more than five minutes to complete. If you do not yet have a profile on this wonderful social network, do not worry because, in this article that we bring to you, we will show you the steps that you will have to follow for sign up for

How do I sign up for Facebook from scratch?

The first thing to do to start the registration process is to enter the social network page from your default browser. In the page cover, you will see in the right part, the form that you must fill with your data to obtain the account. As the ad says, sign up for is completely free and always will be. Keep in mind that all the information you provide when creating the account must be true or else you will have problems with the operation of your account.

When you have placed all the information requested by the system you must click on the button that says “Create account” to go to the next step in your registration process. To continue with the creation of your account you must verify identity by clicking on a link that will send you by email to your email, which is why we insist that you must provide only real information. Once you have clicked on the link, the system will send you to the section where you should add your friends to your account.

Precautions when adding friends

The easiest way to add your friends is by linking your email account to Facebook, so all contacts that are added to your email and have an account on Facebook will appear so you can add it. The best thing is that using this method you should not add one by one to your friends, instead of having to undertake the search of all your Facebook friends, using your email you can add them by selecting who you want to add and who do not.

Facebook allows you to make friends with unknown people, however, it is advisable that only add or accept friendly invitations only to people with whom you have some contact. That is to say, when you are going to add a stranger, check that they have friends in common if they do not have known contacts they will refuse any request for friendship sent to you.

Once you have made friends, the following will add a profile photo and cover photo. These images will be visible to any Facebook user, because thanks to them, many of your friends can identify your account when they look for you to add. Both images can be changed from your profile, using new images or choosing photographs that you have previously used.

Once you have completed all these steps you will have completed the process necessary for sign up for If this article has served you, here is another that could also interest you How to be popular on Facebook.

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