How to be popular on Facebook in a short time

Facebook like other social networks allows you to interact with many people, you can add users from other cities and even other countries to your list of friends. That is why there are many who reach a certain level of popularity within the Facebook community, especially young people are looking for ways to make themselves known using this social network. If you are one of those who wants to achieve fame using social networks, in this article you will learn how to be popular on Facebook in a short time.

You have to keep in mind that the main thing that will help you to get to know in the social network is the public, in this case, your audience will be your list of friends. The more friends you have in your account, the greater the reach you have and the easier it will be to become popular on social networks. If you have a good number of friends, the content you publish, if you have good receptivity, you can reach more public thanks to your list of friends.

Precautions before adding a friend to Facebook

While a number of friends will help you to be popular on the social network, Facebook limits the number of friends you can have. Also when it comes to the topic of friendships, you could say that Facebook has quite strict policies. If you want to add people who do not have any common contact, your account may be suspended. This can also happen if you send too many friend requests the same day, your account may be affected by a suspension by the Facebook team.

So to avoid problems with your account, add people with whom you have friends in common and regulates a number of friends you add in a day. Join groups that are interesting and have as many subscribers as possible, share with them applications that are quite attractive and entertaining. Become a fan of things you like, this way you will be showing some of your interests to everyone on your friend’s list. In this way, you will surround yourself with people who have similar tastes to yours.

Content is important

How to be popular on Facebook in a short time? Well, the answer is simple, the content. The content that you share with all the users who follow you is what will help you to add popularity to the Facebook community, make sure that what you share is quality and entertaining for all your audience. No meaningless publications that do not generate any reaction among your friends.

You must improve your profile to reach more popularity among users, for this you add photos that are of good quality and have an appeal for your audience. Share your best pictures with your friends, accompanied by creative phrases and “I like” will be guaranteed in your profile. This will increase your prestige in social networks, people will remember you and begin to follow you for the content you share.

We hope you have learned how to be popular on Facebook in a short time, follow these tips and you will see the positive results in your profile. Here is another article that could serve you How to grow my business on Facebook.

How to find love on Facebook

The popular social network has more than 1600 million users and daily increases its popularity, so it is not at all strange that everyday singles and singles turn to Facebook to find a partner. This task is not at all simple because this social network is not designed for that purpose. If what you want is to find love on the internet, I recommend that you make better use of pages to find couples in lines, because in these sites all users are in the same situation as you. However here we show you some tricks that can teach you how to find love on Facebook.

In this social network are many who declare single and ready to meet new friends, you just have to start chatting with these people and let everything flow to see if you’re lucky. Contacting these singles and singles is much easier than you think. If your privacy worries you, Facebook has different configuration options that allow you to regulate the scope of the content that you publish, you can share only that it is necessary to find a new relationship.

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

The photos on this social network are the most important, it is proven that most users spend the most time viewing photography and images that state updates. Place the main photo where you can see your face if it is smiling much better, as this helps to break the ice. To hang a profile photo you must access the page of your account and position the cursor over your profile picture and click on “change profile photo”.

The cover photo is also important if you do not have any, on the same page of your profile you can add the cover photo. To do this, you must click on “Add cover photo”, make it an image in which you perform some activity, be it a sport or a walk. You can also use a meaningful phrase for you or define you in your cover photo, you must also have several albums with more images of you.

Make your content public without risking your privacy

If you are one of those who asks you “how to find love on Facebook” you should know that it is important that your updates are public. This way the things you post can be visualized by friends of your friends or with unknown people, making it easier for you to get in touch with you a lot more people, increasing your chances of getting a partner on Facebook. It does not mean that you should share with all your contacts, everything you do. You can set your favorite movies, music, and favorite brands to be public.

Complete your interests, your favorite activities and give I like to those pages that are related to your interests. In this way, you can contact other users who share the same taste as you and send the friend request. If the article was useful, we invite you to read How to be popular on Facebook.


How to grow my business on Facebook

Until recently it was unknown what social networks were, today everyone wants to belong to them, especially when it comes to Facebook. This is undoubtedly one of the most exceptional phenomena that have produced the internet, this platform has more than 1600 million registered users.

The explosion of popularity that has had this social network turned into a perfect tool to promote business, this due reach that provides. If you’re wondering how do I grow my business on Facebook? This article is perfect for you, as we’ll show you some ways you can increase the interaction on your page.

The main reasons why Facebook is an incredible option for people to know your business: This social network enjoys great popularity, its use is quite simple and has a friendly design, the growth that has had Facebook is unbeatable and every day Improvement to offer a better service to its users. Up to now the limits that this social network has are unknown, in addition, that it offers promotional strategies that are free or have a very low cost, the reason why it represents a tool cheaper than the conventional promotional means.

Errors you should not commit

There are many who believe that to grow your business on Facebook just create a new user or a Fans page with the name of your company and wait for customers to join. If you do not know it is impossible to attract customers to your ads, because even the brands already established, look for ways in which they can attract more audiences to your ads.

While others are totally opposed and start bombarding their entire list of friends with multiple ads to start buying their products, there are even those who directly write offers of their products on the walls of their friends and friends of their friends. This is a way to make the hated “Spam” and this practice what you do is negatively affect your brand, the public will reject the rain of ads that you have placed on them and could even end up loathing your brand. Your strategy to promote your business on Facebook has to be much more than a simple advertising spam without creativity to your acquaintances.

What kind of content to use on Facebook?

Content is one of the main factors that will help to grow your business on Facebook, the first thing to do is inform about the new products that you are offering as well as the offers you have. You can even post questions, this way you will experience the interaction between your fans and your brand. Share photos and videos of your products, this is widely used by physical businesses such as shops and restaurants.

The growth of your business is due in large part to the dedication and effort you apply to it, with the right commitment and following these tips you will see that your doubts about how to grow my business on Facebook will dissipate.

Hack Facebook account – Method to better protect your Facebook

From the moment someone steals your Facebook account, whoever has taken it can read your private messages, check your email account, your way of living and even view your most intimate images. As you can see, not only steals a profile but a large part of your life, steal your privacy. That is why in this opportunity we will show you the ways in which you can hack Facebook account and a method to protect your Facebook 100% functional. This way you can know the most used techniques of hacking and thus you can protect yourself from the attacks of cyber criminals.

Phishing and Keylogging

Phishing is the preferred and most used attacking way to hack Facebook account. There are different ways in which you can do this method, but the simplest is a false login placed on a page that looks the same as the actual website of the company. The computer thief asks the victim to log into the fake web with their real data, then this data is downloaded by him and you can use them for your purposes not correct.

For its part Keylogging is the simplest way in which you can get the key of Facebook from another person. It is the riskiest and even someone who has very good computer skills can also be a victim of this practice. A Keylogger is a kind of program that once it has been installed on the computer of who will be the victim, everything that it writes will be registered. All this content of the written texts of the person is sent by email to the hacker without the victim realizing what happens. The way in which this system is detected is through suspicion. Because of its existence on the hard drive, the computer becomes too slow, so it shows that there is a program that is consuming too many resources of the system to record everything you write.

Method to protect your Facebook 100% functional

We already talked about Hacking Facebook account, now we will show you a Method to protect your Facebook 100% functional. There has been much talk about the security that should be had with our social networks, especially when talking about Facebook. There is not only access to the content we publish, you can also enter personal information of greater relevance. Facebook has options to avoid falling into the hand of hackers.
By accessing the security panel from your Facebook account you can activate three options that will protect your account. The first one is “Notification of login”, with it you will receive a text message every time you open your account. The second is login approval, in this option, the system will generate a code that will be sent to your phone by text message, this serial you must enter to be able to log in. The third is the code generator, with your cell phone in hand you have to access the menu of the app and search for “Code Generator” This will emit a code that will be displayed on the screen of your Smartphone and that you must enter it on the Facebook page To enter.

As you see Facebook has a method to protect your Facebook 100% functional and thus protect you from those who want to hack Facebook account. We invite you to read how to find love on Facebook.

Privacy Policy

The majority of the web pages require a legal notice in which they explain data of its administrators and that these are obeyed to the current law. Facebook is no exception, being the most used social network there are certain rules that must comply, make public its legal notice and privacy policies is one of them. Here we will explain a little of what is the Privacy Policy of Facebook and that represents for you.

Facebook expresses in its legal notice the type of information that they collect, what use it is given and to whom that information is shared. This policy applies to all brands and products that do not have an independent legal disclaimer and should be governed by this policy.

What type of information do you collect?

Facebook collects different types of information depending on how you use your services. For example, you use the information that is provided by the user and the actions of this, the data that the person offers when using Facebook services. As well as collects information regarding the content with which you interact, frequency and duration of activities with the session started.

In the same way, it collects content and information that other people also provide when using their services, this message may include information about you, such as when you send a message, tag you in a photo or you care about your contact list. Like Facebook explains that it collects information about the networks and connections you have, ie the groups with which you are connected and the way you interact with them. If you import contacts from your address book, this data is collected by Facebook in its database.

If you use the services to make purchases or transactions of Facebook, the company keeps your data that includes the number of the card with which you made the purchase, whether credit or debit and other information related to that card. The information about the device from which you connect is also stored in your database, according to the permissions that are granted by you.

How the collected information is used

The information that is collected by Facebook, is used in order to make improvements as to the quality of the service it provides to users. Thanks to the information you have provided, Facebook administrators can personalize the content and get you a better service, as well as make suggestions regarding your information. It allows the company how you use the services it provides and the interaction you have with it, as with the people with whom you are connected. As well as the interests you have inside and outside of Facebook, to give you much more personalized attention. As they do with the information provided by you that allows you to organize better, the type of audience you want to see your publications.

If you want to read full, you can go to the Facebook home page and look for privacy.