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Facebook is a social network that allows you to chat, share photos and videos, play and have fun with your friends. That is why it is the application most used by people because of the multiple advantages offered by this platform. More and more people join the list of users of this social network and if you are one of them this article is for you because in it we will teach you how to create a Facebook account. You must keep in mind that in order to have a profile you must be over 14 years old, as that is the minimum age allowed to enter.

The first will be to access the Facebook page, for this, you must place in the search bar of your browser Once you have loaded the page you will see a form that you will need to fill in to create a Facebook account, if you can not see the form click on the option that says “Open an account” and send it to the section where you must place your data, The system will ask you for your first and last name, sex, city, age, and email or phone number. It is important that all information you post is real.

Facebook registration and verify account

Once you have filled out the form, you will need to access your email to verify your account. That is why it is important that you use a real email because otherwise, you will not be able to access the account you have created, to verify you must click on the link that is in the message that you have been sent. When you have already verified your identity, the link will redirect you to the Facebook page and the following will be adding friends and posting your general information. For this, you must follow the instructions that the same assistant gives you.

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

When you have placed the general information, you must place a profile photo, it will be the representative image of you that will see all Facebook users as this is visible to all. To choose a profile photo, just click on the small box on the left, you can choose to take a photo with your webcam or upload one that you have stored on your computer. If it is not the first time you change the profile image, you can choose from other photos that you have published and even reuse an old photo that you have already photographed.

As for the cover photo, this is the big picture that comes out on top of your profile photo. If it is the first time you are going to hang one, you will see the option “Add cover photo”, while if you have already had one and want to change it, it will appear as “Update cover photo”. For this image, you can choose between a new photo or use one that is in your photo albums.

Facebook the most used social network

Facebook is currently the most used social network, has more than 1600 million registered users on its platform. We hope this article has taught you how to create a Facebook account, so you can enjoy all that this social network has for you. Here is another article that might interest you how to grow my business on Facebook.

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