How to find love on Facebook

The popular social network has more than 1600 million users and daily increases its popularity, so it is not at all strange that everyday singles and singles turn to Facebook to find a partner. This task is not at all simple because this social network is not designed for that purpose. If what you want is to find love on the internet, I recommend that you make better use of pages to find couples in lines, because in these sites all users are in the same situation as you. However here we show you some tricks that can teach you how to find love on Facebook.

In this social network are many who declare single and ready to meet new friends, you just have to start chatting with these people and let everything flow to see if you’re lucky. Contacting these singles and singles is much easier than you think. If your privacy worries you, Facebook has different configuration options that allow you to regulate the scope of the content that you publish, you can share only that it is necessary to find a new relationship.

How to put a profile photo and Facebook cover?

The photos on this social network are the most important, it is proven that most users spend the most time viewing photography and images that state updates. Place the main photo where you can see your face if it is smiling much better, as this helps to break the ice. To hang a profile photo you must access the page of your account and position the cursor over your profile picture and click on “change profile photo”.

The cover photo is also important if you do not have any, on the same page of your profile you can add the cover photo. To do this, you must click on “Add cover photo”, make it an image in which you perform some activity, be it a sport or a walk. You can also use a meaningful phrase for you or define you in your cover photo, you must also have several albums with more images of you.

Make your content public without risking your privacy

If you are one of those who asks you “how to find love on Facebook” you should know that it is important that your updates are public. This way the things you post can be visualized by friends of your friends or with unknown people, making it easier for you to get in touch with you a lot more people, increasing your chances of getting a partner on Facebook. It does not mean that you should share with all your contacts, everything you do. You can set your favorite movies, music, and favorite brands to be public.

Complete your interests, your favorite activities and give I like to those pages that are related to your interests. In this way, you can contact other users who share the same taste as you and send the friend request. If the article was useful, we invite you to read How to be popular on Facebook.


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