Hack Facebook account – Method to better protect your Facebook

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From the moment someone steals your Facebook account, whoever has taken it can read your private messages, check your email account, your way of living and even view your most intimate images. As you can see, not only steals a profile but a large part of your life, steal your privacy. That is why in this opportunity we will show you the ways in which you can hack Facebook account and a method to protect your Facebook 100% functional. This way you can know the most used techniques of hacking and thus you can protect yourself from the attacks of cyber criminals.

Phishing and Keylogging

Phishing is the preferred and most used attacking way to hack Facebook account. There are different ways in which you can do this method, but the simplest is a false login placed on a page that looks the same as the actual website of the company. The computer thief asks the victim to log into the fake web with their real data, then this data is downloaded by him and you can use them for your purposes not correct.

For its part Keylogging is the simplest way in which you can get the key of Facebook from another person. It is the riskiest and even someone who has very good computer skills can also be a victim of this practice. A Keylogger is a kind of program that once it has been installed on the computer of who will be the victim, everything that it writes will be registered. All this content of the written texts of the person is sent by email to the hacker without the victim realizing what happens. The way in which this system is detected is through suspicion. Because of its existence on the hard drive, the computer becomes too slow, so it shows that there is a program that is consuming too many resources of the system to record everything you write.

Method to protect your Facebook 100% functional

We already talked about Hacking Facebook account, now we will show you a Method to protect your Facebook 100% functional. There has been much talk about the security that should be had with our social networks, especially when talking about Facebook. There is not only access to the content we publish, you can also enter personal information of greater relevance. Facebook has options to avoid falling into the hand of hackers.
By accessing the security panel from your Facebook account you can activate three options that will protect your account. The first one is “Notification of login”, with it you will receive a text message every time you open your account. The second is login approval, in this option, the system will generate a code that will be sent to your phone by text message, this serial you must enter to be able to log in. The third is the code generator, with your cell phone in hand you have to access the menu of the app and search for “Code Generator” This will emit a code that will be displayed on the screen of your Smartphone and that you must enter it on the Facebook page To enter.

As you see Facebook has a method to protect your Facebook 100% functional and thus protect you from those who want to hack Facebook account. We invite you to read how to find love on Facebook.

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