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The majority of the web pages require a legal notice in which they explain data of its administrators and that these are obeyed to the current law. Facebook is no exception, being the most used social network there are certain rules that must comply, make public its legal notice and privacy policies is one of them. Here we will explain a little of what is the Privacy Policy of Facebook and that represents for you.

Facebook expresses in its legal notice the type of information that they collect, what use it is given and to whom that information is shared. This policy applies to all brands and products that do not have an independent legal disclaimer and should be governed by this policy.

What type of information do you collect?

Facebook collects different types of information depending on how you use your services. For example, you use the information that is provided by the user and the actions of this, the data that the person offers when using Facebook services. As well as collects information regarding the content with which you interact, frequency and duration of activities with the session started.

In the same way, it collects content and information that other people also provide when using their services, this message may include information about you, such as when you send a message, tag you in a photo or you care about your contact list. Like Facebook explains that it collects information about the networks and connections you have, ie the groups with which you are connected and the way you interact with them. If you import contacts from your address book, this data is collected by Facebook in its database.

If you use the services to make purchases or transactions of Facebook, the company keeps your data that includes the number of the card with which you made the purchase, whether credit or debit and other information related to that card. The information about the device from which you connect is also stored in your database, according to the permissions that are granted by you.

How the collected information is used

The information that is collected by Facebook, is used in order to make improvements as to the quality of the service it provides to users. Thanks to the information you have provided, Facebook administrators can personalize the content and get you a better service, as well as make suggestions regarding your information. It allows the company how you use the services it provides and the interaction you have with it, as with the people with whom you are connected. As well as the interests you have inside and outside of Facebook, to give you much more personalized attention. As they do with the information provided by you that allows you to organize better, the type of audience you want to see your publications.

If you want to read full, you can go to the Facebook home page and look for privacy.

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