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Facebook is a social network that shares many things, so no user wants their account to be used by someone else. This can happen if you do not verify that you have logged out, someone can log into the device from where you logged in and get your account, plus you would have access to all your conversations, images, videos and your complete information. This article will teach you the ways you can sign out Facebook to prevent your profile from falling into the hands of other people.

Once you are done using Facebook, it is best to sign you off. For this, from your profile, you can find in the upper right a menu that allows you to end your session with just a click. This menu is next to the “quick help” option when clicking it will open a list, at the end of it you will find the option that says “exit.” When you click, the system will send you to the Facebook homepage where you are asked to enter your data. To confirm that your account is closed, you should check that at the top does not leave a thumbnail image of your profile photo, if the image appears you will have to repeat the procedure because your account will still be available.

Sign out on Facebook other devices

Thanks to the unreasonable growth that Facebook had, nowadays it can be used from different mobile devices so it is no longer necessary to use a computer to enter your profile. The social network has a mobile application for each operating system that has smartphones or tablets. To sign out Facebook on these devices you must ii to the options menu from the application and press “Logout” or “Exit Facebook” this will depend on which devices you are using to connect to this social network.

If you have opened your account on several devices and you do not know which of them can still be active by logging on to and connecting to your account you can see a list of all the devices you have used to navigate through Facebook and log out by selecting them. In the security configuration section, you will find a section called “your sessions started” by accessing it you can see from the browsers to the mobile computers with which you have used Facebook, as well as the date, location and time that you entered your account To these mobile devices.

How to sign up for Facebook?

Once you have logged in from the browser, go to the security settings section and go to “Sessions started” make the selection in which team you will not continue to use Facebook and press the end of activity, automatically the page will load at startup. This way you will have closed session in the computer, smartphone or Tablet, whichever the equipment from which you have connected to Facebook. Follow these steps to sign out Facebook and prevent your account from being used by other users.

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