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One of the most recurring concerns among Facebook users is will I have closed my session correctly? Many fear that their account has not been closed and can be accessed by someone else. That is why we have created this article in which we will teach you to sign out to Facebook, this way you will prevent your account from being used by someone else or even lose the account in the hands of another person.

Once you have finished using Facebook, you must ensure that your account has been closed. On the page of your timeline, in the upper right, you will find a folding menu next to the “quick help” option. Clicking on this panel you will see at the end of the “Exit” list, that will be the option that you must mark for your account to end your session. Automatically the system will send you to the Facebook homepage where you must register your account and password to enter the profile. Verify that your account is closed checked the top right, if your account is still open you will see your thumbnail profile photo. Repeat the procedure if you see your image, otherwise, you can close your browser confident that your session is finished.

Sign out Facebook on other devices

As you know Facebook can not only be used from a computer or a laptop, there are other devices that allow you to use Facebook with your operating system. From a Smartphone or a Tablet, you can open your account without any problem, although there are certain limitations as to some function that is not present in the mobile application of the social network. To sign out to Facebook on mobile devices you can do it from the application you have downloaded, just go to the options menu and select “Exit” or “Log out”, this will depend on the device you are connected to.

If you have used your Facebook account on several devices and you do not know if you have closed your session correctly, from the computer version you can see the devices you have used and close your account of all computers in one go. For this you must log in and go to the security settings page, there you will find the section “Your sessions started” showing a list of devices and browsers that you recently logged in with your Facebook account. Also, you can see the date and time you logged into each of them, as well as an approximate location along with the device used.

How to sign up for Facebook?

Accessing the security settings from your browser, you must click on started sessions, search for which session you want to close and click on the activity. Selecting this option will automatically close your session on your computer, smartphone, or Tablet, regardless of the device you used to connect. You should not worry that someone will find your account open and can use it, this is the best way to sign out to Facebook. If the article has taught you, this other article might interest you Hack Facebook account.

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